Product Range

 Redwood Viscometer No.1.
 Redwood Viscometer No.2.
 Saybolt Viscometer.
 Engler Viscometer.
 Kinematic Viscometer Bath.
 U Tube Viscometers.
 Pensky Martens Flash Point Tester Closed Type.
 Open Flash Point & Fire Point.
 Tag Flash Point Tester Closed.
 Abel Flash Point Apparatus.
 Cleveland Open Flash & Fire Point Apparatus.
 Gas Heated Model.
 Electrically Heated Model.
 Copper Strip Corrosion - Petroleum Products.
 Adiabatic Bomb Caloriemeter.
 Cloud & Pour Point Apparatus.
 Burning Test Lamp.
 Heat Stability of Grease.
 Bomb Calorimeter as per IP 12, BS 1016 ASTM D 204 & I.S. 1448.
 Roaland Wild.
 Junkers Gas Caloriemeter.
 Interfacial Tensiometer.
 Carbon Residue - Ramsbottom.
 Carbon Residue - Conradson.
 Smoke Point Apparatus.
 Reid Vapour Pressure Apparatus.
 T.E.L./ Acidity Apparatus.
 ASTM Colour Comparator of Petroleum Products.
 Distillation of Petroleum Products.
 Oxidation Stability of Gasoline.
 Weight Per Liter or Gallon Cup.
 Hegman Gauge.
 Chequer Board.
 Scratch Hardness Tester.
 Standard Flow Cups.
 A Type Cup.
 B Type Cup.
 Stormer Viscometer.
 Conical Bend Test Apparatus.
 Pressure Test Apparatus.
 Tubular Impact Tester.
 Wet Film Thickness Gauge.
 Cupping Test Apparatus.
 Tar Viscometer.
 Apparatus For Loss On Heating Of Bitumen.
 Softening Point Apparatus {Ring & Ball Method}.
 Ductility of Bitumen.
 Distillation of Cut Back Bitumen and Oil.
 Float Test.
 Soil Cone Penetrometer.
 Melting Point Appararus.
 Jackson Turbidimeter.
 Electric Bunsen or Small Crucible.
 Orsat Gas Analyzer.
 Laboratory Stirrer.
 Apparatus For Emulsion Test.
 Oil Testing Centrifuge.
 Apparatus For Foaming Test.
 Apparatus For Rust Preventive Characteristics Of Steam Turbine Oil.
 F IA Apparatus.
 Air Release Value Apparatus.
 Penetrometer - Standard Model.
 Grease Worker - Hand Operated.
 Mechanical Grease Worker.
 Electric Bunsen or Small Crucible.
 Orsat Gas Analyzer.
 Laboratory Stirrer.
 Apparatus For Rust Preventive Characteristics Of Steam Turbine Oil.
 F IA Apparatus.
 Air Release Value Apparatus.
 Estimation Of Deleterious Particles In Lubricating Grease.
 Corrosion Preventive Properties Of Lubricating Grease.
 Oxidation Stability Of Lubricating Grease By Oxidation Method.
 Leakage Tendencies Of Greases.
 Rolling Stability Tester.
 Water Washout Characteristic Of Lubricating Grease.
 Emcor Rust Test Apparatus.
 Resistance Of Lubricating Grease To Water Spray.
 Four Ball EP Lubricant Testing Machine.


About Us

Founder: Late Sushil Kumar Das  
Board of Directors:    
Managing Director: Mr. Dipankar Sil Mob:- 9163348592
Director: Mrs.Chabi Rani Das  
Director: Mr.Rudra Nath Bhar Mob:- 9903432040

 Who is Petroleum Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd.?

Petroleum Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd. was established in late 1976 due to the increasing demand for high quality instruments from existing clients. Since then, Petroleum Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd. has consistently set high standards of service and quality in the fields of petroleum instruments.

We offer value for our client.

Competitive pricing, providing great service, and producing excellent quality product are the core elements of our business.

Quality instruments is all about measurements: this is our challenge and world.

Our coordinated instruments system manages the appearance of colour from manufacturing through to Retail. It delivers superior quality measurements for clients.

At Petroleum Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd., we provide our clients with the best business solutions.

We communicate with you, understand your business and develop valuable relationships in order to deliver acurate measurement solutions required to excel.  

Quality and service is our trademark and our reputation is something we at Petroleum Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd. are extremely proud of.

We look forward to “Fulfilling your Petroleum Instruments and Measurement Needs”.

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